Zoomius is go for your launch

Reach for the stars. Our team of experts have taken start-ups like yours from being an idea sketched on a napkin to multi-million dollar companies.

  • Tech

    Whether it's recruiting a team of world-class developers to write cutting-edge code, designing electronics, setting up your sales and marketing funnels, building your website or providing comprehensive IT support, our Tech Practice has the skills. If it has electrons, we can do it.

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

    We've travelled the world, so you don't have to. Need a factory in China? Yup. Need to import finished goods to the US or export to Europe? Yup, we have your back. Need to keep parts moving? We eat that for breakfast. Our Logistics & Supply Chain Practice keeps your business moving.

  • Business Operations

    Our experienced Business Operations Practice provides deep insights into your business options. BusOps can help you make bold priority strategy and tactical decisions and we can set up and run your marketing, sales, HR, accounting and everything else you need. You focus on the big picture.

Experience Counts

Zoomius has staffed, managed and guided start-ups in many different industries. From being an idea through to being proud, stand-alone multi-million dollar company, finding investors or pursuing a M&A strategy. We have the expertise to know what's important for start-ups and the experience to make it happen.

  • Product Strategy

    We work with you to constantly innovate and improve your products. We work with our partners to make the product strategy real.

  • Creative Design

    Our design team makes your products and business come to life.

  • IT Support

    Getting your business hooked up to the world means you're open for business. CRM, Funnels, Productivity, Teamwork apps down to device and policy management.

  • Sustainable Growth

    Analysis. Marketing. Sales. We leverage your knowledge, our experience and use the data from the business to drive sustainable growth.

  • Global Experience

    We know how. Manufacturing overseas, global warehousing and logistics. Complexity removal.

  • Brand Awareness

    Get your name and brand out there with our network of top-rated podcasts and conferences.

How It Works

Let's get you prepped for launch. It starts with you contacting us.

Call us and let's talk. All under NDA, of course. If we love your idea as much as you love it, let's figure out how to make it happen. We know that start-ups usually don't have piles of cash lying around, so we're super flexible in how you pay for us. We might even be your first investor.

Benefits Of Zoomius

  • We'll help you refine your idea, then help you build and launch it. Our global team has the experience to get things done.

  • Our all-star team is ready to jump in. We're experts at recruiting your all-star team, too. So when you're ready to hire your own staff we can help.

  • We get it. Cash is tight. We take payment in equity, product and, well, money. We'll work with you to make sure we're paid when you can afford it. Your risk is our risk.

  • We're not some consulting company stripping your cash. We're partners who are interested in your long-term success.

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Let's get you prepped for launch.